EEB Ep 00: What The Heck Is This Enlightened Entrepreneurial Badasses Podcast About?

Yep, that’s right. I’m back in the podcast game.

Some of you may know that I once hosted a different podcast that ended up being a bit of a confused situation.

It was called The Healthy Entrepreneur and then changed to The Ultimate Dude Podcast.

After doing pretty well in the old iTunes charts, I soon realised that I had dropped the ball with that whole thing.

Rather than talking about what I wanted to talk about and do it in my way so it was a genuine creation of mine… I ended up saying ‘yes’ to everyone who offered themselves for interview and talking about all kinds of stuff that I wasn’t really interested in.

In other words, I lost creative control of the whole thing and it turned into a chore.

But now I’m back in the podcast world, baby!

I prefer to think of it as like Jordan returning to the Bulls or Beckham coming back to play football (soccer << ugh I hate calling it that) in Europe.

But in actual fact it’s probably more like Yakov Petrovski returning to the Ukrainian semi-professional tiddlywinks league (AKA nobody’s really bothered).

Anyway, after that rather pointless beginning to this post…

I’m Back With A New Podcast.

And this time I have a  lot more clarity around what I WANT to do with it.

No more talking about all kinds of random things with an episode on weight loss one week and growing your email list the next.

This is all about Self-mastery, mindset mastery and enlightenment within the entrepreneurial world.

You see, I have struggled a lot in this area myself… as illustrated by my previous mixed up attempts to create a podcast and blog.

I did a lot of work on my Self, my mindset, working out who I am, what I wanted to do and a whole bunch of crazy stuff.

And now I want to help you master this with what I’ve learned and am still learning every day.

But with a little bit of light-heartedness and my weird sense of humour thrown in!

Oh, and I may say fuck a few times as well.

All of this I’m sure will add up to you gaining more clarity, certainty, focus, direction and confidence in yourself, what you do and how to put it out there to the world so you can step into being a badass who has fun on the road to more success, happiness, fulfilment and making that giant impact on the world you crave.

How’s It Going To Work?

Well as a bit of a launch day special, I’m releasing this episode explaining what the podcast is all about as well as three other episodes as well.

Two of these will be just me talking to you for around 5-10 minutes in a sort of ‘audio blog post’, if you will. And the third episode will be an interview with a dude called Dax Moy that you do not want to miss.

This will all be released on a Monday (today) before going into normal procedure on Wednesday and Friday of this same week with a 5-10 minute episode on each day with just me again 😀

From there, it will be business as usual for every week foreseeable week going forwards with an interview episode released every Monday and one 5-10 minute episode with just me released every Wednesday and then again on Friday.

Monday’s interview day.

Wednesday just me day.

Friday just me day again.


And that’s all I got.

You can listen via the player at the top of the page.

Or head over to iTunes and subscribe there for Apple lovers, and over on Stitcher for non-Apple peeps.

Enjoy the podcast!

Love, Laughter & Light,


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