EEB Ep 02: Curing “I’m Not Good Enough” Syndrome

It’s so frustrating when that little bastard in your head starts questioning whether you’re good enough to do whatever it that you do.

Thoughts like…

“I don’t have enough experience”

“I’m not ready yet”

“I need another qualification , course or certification”

“I’m not as good as Bob”

All making regular appearances and stopping you from really pushing on through.

By the way, I don’t know who Bob is but I can guarantee it doesn’t matter one jot about how “good” the little bugger is compared to you.

Anyway, in this episode I’m going to help you see that your belief that “I’m not good enough” is complete and 100% horse shit!

I talk about…

  • Why your clients/customers/audience don’t care one little bit about your qualifications.
  • How it just makes sense that you are enough right now.
  • Using what you have in your head right to help people and build a business.
  • Pondering the question of ‘when will you be enough?’
  • Being all of who you are, instead of craving to be more than you are.
  • Using Lionel Messi to stop constantly comparing yourself to others.
  • How to stop playing ‘the leadership game’ comparing to others and just embrace your uniqueness.

Anyhoo, this was something that really has a personal backdrop for me as I used to suffer extremely badly with all this.

So if this can help me, then it can help you.

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