67: Tim JP Collins on Dealing with Crippling Anxiety & Panic Attacks

timjpcollinsThis was a great conversation I had with Tim JP Collins all about anxiety.

A few years ago, Tim was a guy who’d done fantastically well in his career, yet lived with a secret case of crippling anxiety and panic attacks.

In fact, they were so bad that they almost wrecked his career, relationships and entire life.

Despite being offered medication, Tim finally got to the route cause and solved his anxiety issues naturally.

Now, he’s left that high level job and shares his anxiety story on his own podcast and coaches others on dealing with this sometimes debilitating mental illness.

So it was amazing to talk about this on today’s show.

In The Episode, We Talk About…

  • Tim’s story of being crippled with panic attacks and anxiety to becoming a coach helping others get through similar issues.
  • Why Tim’s ‘deferred life plan’ of working for retirement helped bring on anxiety.
  • Why alignment to yourself and your values is key for overcoming anxiety.
  • How to find the root cause of anxiety and inner struggle.
  • The importance of community vs. isolation.
  • How food and lifestyle can be huge for anxiety and mental health sufferers.
  • The often taboo, yet vitally important, gluten and autoimmune aspect to mental health.
  • Why speaking YOUR truth is so vital.
  • Why your story doesn’t need to be perfect (and probably never will be).


Loved this conversation with Tim, and I hope you love listening to it!

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Love, Laughter & Light,

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