80: My Year in Review: 5 of the Biggest Things I Learned in 2016

It’s the final podcast of 2016, so I thought I would do some kind of ‘review episode’.

I decided to simply come up with a list of five things that I learned over the year and kick back with a beer to just go through them all.

This was all done off the top of my head with just the five points as a rough guide, so excuse some of the mad rambling tangents I may go off in.

But I think what I share is pretty powerful nonetheless.

So kick back and listen to what I learned about myself, life, business and all kinds of other things in 2016.

In the Episode, I Talk About…

  • The top five things I learned in 2016.
  • How these five things can help you in 2017.
  • Why it’s important to just take action before you feel like you’re ready.
  • How my relationship with the word ‘love’ changed in 2016 and improved all areas of my life.
  • The importance of serving yourself first.
  • Getting past the feelings of not feeling worthy and not feeling good enough.
  • And much more.

You can give the episode a listen via the player above.

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Love, Laughter & Light,

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