I’m just a normally abnormal dude who’s on a spiritual journey to getting his brain working properly. I like to read, write and sometimes record noises that some people call podcasts. Whether you take anything I say seriously is up to you.

The longer story (if you’re interested)…

I’ve spent most of my life feeling sort of… broken. Especially in the brain department.

As a teenager and young adult, I was secretly crippled with social anxiety. Going into any social situation involving anyone I wasn’t super close to would, to put it technically, cause an internal shit storm. At one point I couldn’t even leave the house without getting embarrassing sweat stains under the arms, even in the dead of winter.

After managing to bury all this deep inside me (cos that’s what a ‘real man’ does), I tried to somewhat get on with a normal adult life. I went to university, got a job, quit, got qualified as a personal trainer and embarked on a career in health and fitness that ended up with me owning my own studio.

Then I hit a brick wall.

Despite finally having a growing business that I’d worked my balls off for, I was miserable, overworked and monumentally lonely. In fact, I was depressed.

So I gave up on what I thought was my dream business. I sold the equipment, referred all my lovely clients to other trainers and even sold my car and many other possessions.

And I embarked on a journey to discover what the hell was going on in my head and heart that was preventing me from being that seemingly elusive combination of happy and successful.

I went travelling to many parts of Europe and across South East Asia. I read. I wrote. I started several businesses, ventures and projects (and failed). I met some incredible people. And fell in love with an amazing American girl.

It’s a journey I’m still on (and I don’t expect to ever end).

And then, one day, I stopped giving two shits about being a business owner, an ‘entrepreneur’ or anything like that. That’s when this website became what it is today.

For so long I tried to ‘do business’ by trying to appease a target market or an ‘avatar’. Until I couldn’t be bothered ‘doing business’ anymore. No more bullshit copywriting, salesy seduction shit and all that boring bollocks.

This website is just me… being me. It’s me sharing my story, my journey and what I learn about getting to grips with that douchebag in our heads that holds us back.

If you like it, great. Feel free to stick around and join in on the Book Club! Oh, and also connect on Twitter 🙂

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