EEB Ep 02: Curing “I’m Not Good Enough” Syndrome

It’s so frustrating when that little bastard in your head starts questioning whether you’re good enough to do whatever it that you do.

Thoughts like…

“I don’t have enough experience”

“I’m not ready yet”

“I need another qualification , course or certification”

“I’m not as good as Bob”

All making regular appearances and stopping you from really pushing on through.

By the way, I don’t know who Bob is but I can guarantee it doesn’t matter one jot about how “good” the little bugger is compared to you.

Anyway, in this episode I’m going to help you see that your belief that “I’m not good enough” is complete and 100% horse shit!

I talk about…

  • Why your clients/customers/audience don’t care one little bit about your qualifications.
  • How it just makes sense that you are enough right now.
  • Using what you have in your head right to help people and build a business.
  • Pondering the question of ‘when will you be enough?’
  • Being all of who you are, instead of craving to be more than you are.
  • Using Lionel Messi to stop constantly comparing yourself to others.
  • How to stop playing ‘the leadership game’ comparing to others and just embrace your uniqueness.

Anyhoo, this was something that really has a personal backdrop for me as I used to suffer extremely badly with all this.

So if this can help me, then it can help you.

Sound good?

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Love, Laughter & Light,

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EEB Ep 01: How To Stop Giving A Shit What Other People Think Of You

We all have this issue at some point in our lives.

Where we just can’t seem to put ourselves out there properly due to fear of judgement from others.

Then we all know some of those people who claim not to care what people think of them.

And we stand back and think “I wish I could not care”.

Well, I’ve got some news for you.

They do care. And if they deny it then they are talking bollocks of the highest order.

They care big time.

Unless they are some kind of psychopath or sociopath (I’m not sure which one) then it is impossible for them not to care what people think about them.

And it is the same with you, me and everyone else as well.

A large part of our brain is dedicated to actually caring what the people around us think, because as humans we are made to hang around in tribes and stay connected to people in these tribes.

We literally NEED the people around us in our tribes to like us and be connected with us. If we feel like this isn’t happening, then we start to panic and feel threatened.

My point here is that you shouldn’t feel like you’re ‘broken’ because you care too much about what people think about you.

But How Does This Help?

Well, that’s exactly what I talk about in this podcast episode.

I explain…

  • Why it’s hardwired into your brain to care what people think of you.
  • What the REAL fear is behind not wanting to be judged.
  • How to get over this fear and get your shit out there anyway.
  • How something you do, say or create can NEVER be right or wrong intrinsically of itself.
  • Why YOUR truth is the only thing that matters.
  • How to use your INTENT as your mental body armour.
  • A three step process to bulletproofing yourself from what others think.
  • A simple and effective response to your brain’s prediction of getting your ‘stuff’ crucified by someone.

Sound good?

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EEB Ep 00: What The Heck Is This Enlightened Entrepreneurial Badasses Podcast About?

Yep, that’s right. I’m back in the podcast game.

Some of you may know that I once hosted a different podcast that ended up being a bit of a confused situation.

It was called The Healthy Entrepreneur and then changed to The Ultimate Dude Podcast.

After doing pretty well in the old iTunes charts, I soon realised that I had dropped the ball with that whole thing.

Rather than talking about what I wanted to talk about and do it in my way so it was a genuine creation of mine… I ended up saying ‘yes’ to everyone who offered themselves for interview and talking about all kinds of stuff that I wasn’t really interested in.

In other words, I lost creative control of the whole thing and it turned into a chore.

But now I’m back in the podcast world, baby!

I prefer to think of it as like Jordan returning to the Bulls or Beckham coming back to play football (soccer << ugh I hate calling it that) in Europe.

But in actual fact it’s probably more like Yakov Petrovski returning to the Ukrainian semi-professional tiddlywinks league (AKA nobody’s really bothered).

Anyway, after that rather pointless beginning to this post…

I’m Back With A New Podcast.

And this time I have a  lot more clarity around what I WANT to do with it.

No more talking about all kinds of random things with an episode on weight loss one week and growing your email list the next.

This is all about Self-mastery, mindset mastery and enlightenment within the entrepreneurial world.

You see, I have struggled a lot in this area myself… as illustrated by my previous mixed up attempts to create a podcast and blog.

I did a lot of work on my Self, my mindset, working out who I am, what I wanted to do and a whole bunch of crazy stuff.

And now I want to help you master this with what I’ve learned and am still learning every day.

But with a little bit of light-heartedness and my weird sense of humour thrown in!

Oh, and I may say fuck a few times as well.

All of this I’m sure will add up to you gaining more clarity, certainty, focus, direction and confidence in yourself, what you do and how to put it out there to the world so you can step into being a badass who has fun on the road to more success, happiness, fulfilment and making that giant impact on the world you crave.

How’s It Going To Work?

Well as a bit of a launch day special, I’m releasing this episode explaining what the podcast is all about as well as three other episodes as well.

Two of these will be just me talking to you for around 5-10 minutes in a sort of ‘audio blog post’, if you will. And the third episode will be an interview with a dude called Dax Moy that you do not want to miss.

This will all be released on a Monday (today) before going into normal procedure on Wednesday and Friday of this same week with a 5-10 minute episode on each day with just me again 😀

From there, it will be business as usual for every week foreseeable week going forwards with an interview episode released every Monday and one 5-10 minute episode with just me released every Wednesday and then again on Friday.

Monday’s interview day.

Wednesday just me day.

Friday just me day again.


And that’s all I got.

You can listen via the player at the top of the page.

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Enjoy the podcast!

Love, Laughter & Light,


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3 Best Tips To Get Better Sleep

It can be horrible when you’re lying in bed desperately trying to figure out how to sleep better.

You feel drained, unproductive during your day, like you’re Velcroed to the bed in the morning and about as energetic as a sloth on sleeping pills.

Plus, your metabolism slows, your hormones are all mixed up and you’re less able to resist poor food choices.

And this means you start putting on weight and find it almost impossible to lose any extra weight that’s already there!

Bad times.

So fixing your sleep is essential for optimal health and body weight.

What is Good Sleep?

If you had a good sleep you will wake up feeling well rested and energised ready for the day ahead.

You should not wake up during the night (even to go to the toilet) and you should not need to ware out the snooze button every morning.

Our sleep cycles are based on the 24 hour rhythm of when the sun rises and sets.

When the sun rises and light hits us, our body releases the hormone cortisol and we feel awake.

As the sun starts to go down cortisol production slows and melatonin takes over, making us wind down and prepare for sleep.

Melatonin peaks at around 10pm, meaning getting to sleep between 10-11pm and then rising in line with the sun at around 6-7am is optimal.

This has been ingrained in our physiology for thousands of years!

But a combination of stress, staying up too late, effectively giving yourself a coffee-based blood transfusion every day and a host of other things can screw al this up.

So How Do You Get Good Sleep Then?

It’s all well and good saying go to sleep at this time and don’t get up in the night.

But if you lie awake until 1am and then when you finally do drop off you get up every two hours for the toilet then it’s not much good.

So here are my top three tips for getting better sleep.

How To Sleep Better #1: Minimise stimulants

Many of us have way too much caffeine, sugar and other stimulants.

These are firing up the system and keeping it alert.

But they stay in the system having this affect much longer than you think.

In fact, caffeine has a half-life of six hours… meaning it takes six hours for the amount of caffeine in your system to half.

So imagine you have your fifth coffee of the day after work at 6pm – you’re system is going to be fired up to hell!

So minimise your caffeine use after 3pm and you allow your body to move towards its natural sleep patterns.

And sugar gives a similar issue.

Eating nothing but bagels, bread and donuts all day is screwing your blood sugar and creating havoc inside your body when you’re trying to chill out and sleep.

How To Sleep Better #2: Entrain a good pattern

It’s common now for people to work until late and basically train the body not to want to go to sleep until midnight or beyond.

As a business owner, I know first hand how difficult it is to stop sometimes. But working on this is a great place to start.

So if you’ve spent the last few months or years falling asleep at midnight and you now try going to bed at 10pm, then you’re probably not going to go to sleep at that time.

This means training your body clock back to where it is supposed to be is essential.

A good way of doing this is to start in the morning.

So instead of going to sleep at midnight and dragging yourself out of bed at 7.30am, bite the bullet and force yourself to get up at 6am.

This way you will feel more tired in the evening and be more likely to drop off between the 10-11pm mark we’re aiming for.

Once you master this and you’re getting a good sleep through the night, I guarantee your energy and all-round positivity will be a LOT higher.

How To Sleep Better #3: Minimise bright lights at night

I mentioned cortisol earlier as it is a hormone that keeps us alert and awake.

This is good… in the morning and during the day when the light of the sun causes a natural rise in cortisol levels.

But not good when the sun has gone down and your body should be winding down too.

So staring at laptops and TV screens with a whole host of lighting on your house is a guaranteed way of ‘tricking’ your body into keep pumping cortisol.

You may feel like the TV is your way of relaxing, but in fact underneath your body is on high alert.

Think of a swan gliding across the water gracefully, but its legs paddling like crazy underneath.

So try minimising your use of laptops, TVs, iPads, etc. an hour before going to sleep and use only the smallest amount of light possible (use your dimmer switches if you have them).

Plus, you save on your electric bill too – happy days!

A great app to dim your computer lights in line with sunset wherever you are in the world is flux.

69 Things I Learned From Selling All My Shit & Backpacking Around Asia

A year ago I was pretty unhappy.
In a nutshell…
I had a business that was starting to become financially successful, yet the workload, lack of freedom and social isolation I had meant I was miserable.
So I just said ‘Fuck It’ and sold everything (business, equipment, car and any other material thing that could be sold).
And travelled around various parts of Europe and Asia to figure everything out.
What did I learn?
Well, here are 69 things that come to mind…
(Make what you will of the fact I stopped at that number :p )
1. Happiness is freedom.
2. Money cannot buy happiness…
3. Yet money can ENABLE your dream life (and therefore YOUR style of happiness).
4. After three months of just shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops, socks feel weird.
5. Trousers feel super weird.
6. A jumper feels like body armour.
7. Wooly hats and gloves feel like little head and hand prisons.
8. It seems that at some point in history there was a meeting between Thailand & Malaysia to decide that Thailand would get every stray dog in Asia while Malaysia would get every stray cat.
9. You can be choose to be happy wherever you are.
10. Being happy requires amazing, supportive people in your life.
11. But also requires alone time.
12. If you want to see real rain, go to SE Asia.
13. If you believe something is YOUR truth, then it is true.
14. Knowing your values is the foundation of all being.
15. Places are awesome.
16. Places can be awesome for longer with the right people.
17. Bad places can be made good with the right people around.
18. Good places can be made bad with the wrong people around.
19. Awesome places + awesome people = paradise
20. You haven’t had a rush hour traffic experience until you’ve been to Ho Chi Minh City.
21. If you want to get run over by a motorbike while walking casually along the pavement, go to Ho Chi Minh City.
22. Vietnamese people are some of the friendliest people in the world.
23. Thai people are some of the friendliest people in the world.
24. Malaysian people are some of the friendliest people in the world.
25. Jackfruit is immense.
26. I would happily eat only Thai food for the rest of my life… if I could have a fat steak every once in a while.
27. I miss good steak.
28. I do not belong to a religion or consider myself religious, but…
29. Buddhism involves love.
30. Christianity involves love.
31. Judaism involves love.
32. Islam involves love.
33. Hinduism involves love.
34. Sikhism involves love.
35. Religion can be love.
36. Terrorism is terrorism. Twats are twats. There is no religion that = terrorism.
37. You can learn more from most three-year-olds than you can from most 53-year-olds.
38. Being killed by a falling coconut in Asia is a genuine possibility!
39. A hostel or coffee shop in SE Asia saying they have wi-fi… doesn’t necessarily mean they have working wi-fi.
40. Happiness is in the present moment and nowhere else.
41. We look at our phones too much (myself included).
42. Putting your own needs, desires and dreams first is the best way to help those around you.
43. There are some wonderfully weird and crazy bastards out there.
44. But I am also a wonderfully weird and crazy bastard.
45. One doth not need alcohol nor a late night to have a good time.
46. But you can also have an amazing time with alcohol and late nights.
47. Happiness is swimming in the sea at midnight.
48. I have been mistaken for a dog… twice… within 15 minutes of each other… by the same person.
49. A beautiful sunset on a beautiful beach can heal most things.
50. I would put meditation higher on a ‘health hierarchy’ than anything else.
51. The west is wayyyy too stressed out (see #50).
52. You haven’t experienced fun until you’ve slid down a waterfall in the jungle.
53. There are people who live in the Chiang Mai jungle with next to no material possessions who smile 1,000x more often than some people who own two BMWs and a 72” TV.
54. If you don’t truly ENJOY something, you will eventually stop doing it.
55. ^^This is also how you build a true habit, not through 21/28/60 days of perseverance.
56. If it is true to you… then it is the truth.
57. Let it go. Seriously, whatever it is that’s pissing you off or worrying you, just say ‘fuck it’. You will feel better 🙂
58. Nothing can be intrinsically ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ of itself. Right and wrong are just subjective judgements.
59. Learn to appreciate the darkness, its very existence PROVES the light exists.
60. I need to appreciate my present more, and not look into past or future.
61. You are doing awesome. Seriously, whoever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re currently doing your best with the knowledge, tools and experience you have… and you’re awesome for doing that. Our best is all we can give.
62. ^^Because of this… STOP comparing yourself, your success and your decisions to others. You’re doing your best with what you have and you are unique (honestly, you are). If you’re unique, how you anything be a fair comparison? Apples and oranges…
63. Inspiration is much more productive than motivation.
64. Just because something is the ‘safest’ or ’most logical’ decision, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for YOU.
65. The only person or thing stopping you is you.
66. Kuwait Airlines need to fix their video players (they were the two most boring back-to-back eight hour flights I’ve ever been on).
67. Just because someone else seems as if they have struggled more than you or been through ‘worse things’ than you, doesn’t mean you need to ‘suck it up’ and ‘get on with it’. Your struggle is your struggle. It is no more or less worthy of feeling like a struggle than anyone else’s.
68. If you need help… reach out to someone. More people want to help than you think.
69. My one goal in life… keep striving to smile more 🙂
Love, Laughter & Light,

How To Kick Up A Bradley Cooper Style Productivity Storm

I frigin love the film ‘Limitless’.

In case you haven’t seen it, it stars Bradley Cooper as a struggling writer who gets given a ‘miracle drug’ that gives him the power to focus like an absolute CRAZY BADASS.

He starts off pretty much the epitome of what most would call a loser.

And then takes this pill and ends up finishing his book and going on to make millions on the stock market, getting high up in politics and just generally being a productivity MANIAC.

Beast of a film.

But the thing I love the most about this?

The pill he gets given doesn’t give him any ‘superpowers’.

It’s simply enables him to access what is ALREADY in his brain.

The things he achieves in the film are down to what he already knows and has within him.

He simply becomes an absolute crazy focussed and productive badass who doesn’t need sleep or rest.

He is able to get ‘in the zone’ time after time after time.

Now while I don’t recommend that you start living off two hours of sleep and never having a break, it would be pretty frigin amazeballs to just be able to ‘switch on’ the FOCUS and PRODUCTIVITY like that, right?

And I’m willing to bet there have been times in the past where you’ve felt ‘in the zone’.

Like nothing can stop you.

And shit just gets done faster and better and in a more creative way than usual.

Yesterday I posted a little something about getting out to my local coffee shop and getting more done in 90 minutes than I probably would during the whole day at home.

I think that constitutes being ‘in the zone’.

In fact, I felt like someone had crawled inside my head and flicked on the turbo charge button.

Obviously, I want this to happen again and again and again.

But rather than just leaving it to chance and saying “wow that was amazing, I hope it happens again”…

I think it’s critical to ANALYSE.

Look back and try to pinpoint the factors as to WHY I created this state for myself.

What was CAUSING me being this way.

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done for yesterday.

And here’s what I’ve pinpointed:

  • Good breakfast with plenty of veggies, protein and lots of healthy fats.
  • Doing something that made me happy before any work, etc.
  • Meditation prior to leaving the house.
  • Getting on my bike and moving.
  • Listening to an inspiring podcast while cycling.
  • The sun was shining (I know this isn’t particularly repeatable, but it’s a factor).
  • Going to an environment I like being in (or switching the environment if not in a productive state).
  • Clearing any messages or things that would ‘stay on my mind’.
  • Using a productivity track while working.

These are the main things I can see that really helped.

But the key here is for you to analyse what makes YOU productive and ‘in that zone’.

When was the last time you were in that state?

And what caused it? EXACTLY?

Don’t let your best states become a thing of chance.

Learn why they happen for YOU.

Love, Laughter & Light,


P.S. This can be done with ANY feeling or state or emotion you want.

Want to feel ‘x’?

When was the last time you felt ‘x’?

And what happened? What did you do beforehand?

What were the driving things behind feeling ‘x’?