How To Kick Up A Bradley Cooper Style Productivity Storm

I frigin love the film ‘Limitless’.

In case you haven’t seen it, it stars Bradley Cooper as a struggling writer who gets given a ‘miracle drug’ that gives him the power to focus like an absolute CRAZY BADASS.

He starts off pretty much the epitome of what most would call a loser.

And then takes this pill and ends up finishing his book and going on to make millions on the stock market, getting high up in politics and just generally being a productivity MANIAC.

Beast of a film.

But the thing I love the most about this?

The pill he gets given doesn’t give him any ‘superpowers’.

It’s simply enables him to access what is ALREADY in his brain.

The things he achieves in the film are down to what he already knows and has within him.

He simply becomes an absolute crazy focussed and productive badass who doesn’t need sleep or rest.

He is able to get ‘in the zone’ time after time after time.

Now while I don’t recommend that you start living off two hours of sleep and never having a break, it would be pretty frigin amazeballs to just be able to ‘switch on’ the FOCUS and PRODUCTIVITY like that, right?

And I’m willing to bet there have been times in the past where you’ve felt ‘in the zone’.

Like nothing can stop you.

And shit just gets done faster and better and in a more creative way than usual.

Yesterday I posted a little something about getting out to my local coffee shop and getting more done in 90 minutes than I probably would during the whole day at home.

I think that constitutes being ‘in the zone’.

In fact, I felt like someone had crawled inside my head and flicked on the turbo charge button.

Obviously, I want this to happen again and again and again.

But rather than just leaving it to chance and saying “wow that was amazing, I hope it happens again”…

I think it’s critical to ANALYSE.

Look back and try to pinpoint the factors as to WHY I created this state for myself.

What was CAUSING me being this way.

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done for yesterday.

And here’s what I’ve pinpointed:

  • Good breakfast with plenty of veggies, protein and lots of healthy fats.
  • Doing something that made me happy before any work, etc.
  • Meditation prior to leaving the house.
  • Getting on my bike and moving.
  • Listening to an inspiring podcast while cycling.
  • The sun was shining (I know this isn’t particularly repeatable, but it’s a factor).
  • Going to an environment I like being in (or switching the environment if not in a productive state).
  • Clearing any messages or things that would ‘stay on my mind’.
  • Using a productivity track while working.

These are the main things I can see that really helped.

But the key here is for you to analyse what makes YOU productive and ‘in that zone’.

When was the last time you were in that state?

And what caused it? EXACTLY?

Don’t let your best states become a thing of chance.

Learn why they happen for YOU.

Love, Laughter & Light,


P.S. This can be done with ANY feeling or state or emotion you want.

Want to feel ‘x’?

When was the last time you felt ‘x’?

And what happened? What did you do beforehand?

What were the driving things behind feeling ‘x’?