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Hey there, I’m Mike and I run this little corner of the interwebs you’ve somehow found yourself on. After quite a few different podcast episodes, blog posts and bits of stuff I’ve produced, I’ve decided to put together this little ‘quick start guide’ for getting the most out of this site.

I’ll point you in the right direction of the most popular and useful podcast episodes and blogs I’ve written as well as also let you know about some awesomely splendid other blogs I recommend you check out too 🙂

Let’s Start With Some Podcast Episodes…

1. Ep 34: Building A Badass Brain: The Neuro-Science Behind ‘Self-Sabotage’ & Personal Transformation
If you want to start getting an understanding of your brain, how it works and why it may feel like it keeps screwing you over, this is a great place to start.

2. Ep 15: How To Get Out Of Your Head & Deal With Negative Thoughts with Bob Buckley
This was a great conversation I had with Bob Buckley all about thoughts and how to deal with negative self-talk, anxiety and depression.

3. Ep 51: How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs So We Can Live Out Our Truest Potential
In this episode, I discuss how those dreaded limiting beliefs are formed and break down how to actually go into your head and start blowing them away.

4. Ep 72: The Key Habits of Successful & Happy People with Rob Dial
In one of the most popular episodes so far, I talk with Rob Dial about the key habits and mindset of being that critical combination of successful as well as happy.

5. Ep 45: 8 Ways I’m Learning to Master My Mental & Emotional Health
Check this episode out if you want to hear me spill a whole can of beans on my own mental and emotional struggles as well as how I’m learning to remedy them.

6. Ep 83: Operation Sort My F**king Life Out
Once again, I candidly talk about past and present struggles and discuss how I divided my life up into different areas in order to open my eyes and sort it the fuck out!

And Some Top Blog Posts…

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