What The CHUFF Are You Talking About? (My rant that involves knob heads and the dictionary)

Seriously… what ARE you talking about?

There are so many ‘buzzwords’ floating around nowadays in this game of life that most of us don’t have any idea EXACTLY what the hell it is we even want.








Most of us want the majority (if not all and more) of these things to be playing a large part in our daily lives.

Yet I’m willing to bet most of us haven’t actually DEFINED what they mean.

Because guess what, amigo?

YOU get to decide what they mean.

Now of course they all have their ‘dictionary definitions’.

The boring, generic and pretty much ‘empty’ meaning of the words.

But when it comes down to it these are USELESS when it comes to APPLYING it to us and our lives.

Many people say to me that they hate all that ‘enlightenment’ and ‘fulfilment’ bollocks.

And it’s usually because they aren’t really sure what this actually means.

I’m not saying these people are idiots.

They KNOW the boring and generic definitions of these words (or have a vague idea at least).

But these words have no MEANING to them as an individual.

Yet I’m pretty sure that they, us, me and everyone else are searching at some level for the FEELING behind these words.

So let’s get CLEAR on what the hell each one of us is actually frigin talking about!

What do these words (or any other of these ’ambiguous’ words) mean to YOU?

What EXACTLY do they mean?

What would it take for YOU to feel successful?

What does fulfilment look like to YOU?

What is freedom to YOU?

When is the last time YOU experienced joy? And how can you repeat that feeling?

Come on, this is YOUR life, home slice!

Don’t let some bell end with a fat wallet tell you what success is.

Don’t let some fucker who spends 99% of her day meditating tell you what enlightenment is.

And certainly don’t let some suit at Oxford tell you what happiness is in their big book of words they call a dictionary.

This is YOUR life.

YOU get to decide how you want to feel and what these things mean.


What do they mean?

What DON’T they mean?

And things may start to get a wee bit clearer.

Love, Laughter & Light,

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